Cooking School Site Redesign
Alexia Neubauer


Hi there, I’m Lexi – a UI/UX designer and UX researcher that also happens to have a background in branding, marketing design and print. I have a long career history of creating interactive experiences that are attuned to people’s needs, a track record of meeting the most demanding deadlines, communicating effectively and leading by example. I am dedicated to working through design “problems” and see each one as a new challenge.

Design as a discipline is made up of problems for us as designers to solve. How can I make an app that is not only easy to use, but a joy? How can I communicate effectively with my customer so that they engage with my brand more frequently? Design problems have a better outcome when research is done up front.  The best projects that I’ve worked on over my career have been the ones where the context of the project and it’s intended audience are well understood, and that comes with doing research.

The combination of research and design have some interesting effects: for a designer, it inspires empathy with the intended audience, making the design process more meaningful.  When design is done with purpose, it pushes the end product further by aspiring to meet a desired outcome. The focus of my work for the past few years has been understanding how to get this process right, and is something I continue to experiment with.